Career Coaching

Career CoachingDo you feel stuck in a rut? Are you questioning your work/life balance? Are you thinking about moving careers? Do you lack confidence in your current role? During our career coaching sessions we work with our clients to help them to explore their passions, manage their stress and build their confidence so that they can choose what direction they would like to take in their work life.  We  want to help you to discover your strengths and improve on your weaknesses, build on your accomplishments and stop procrastination. Our specialism is helping to build your confidence so that you feel empowered to make a choice that works for you.

Why Would you Need a Career Coach?

Contrary to many opinions a career can be managed and planned to your advantage. The old days of joining a company after college or graduation and staying there for the rest of your life are long gone. Now people move jobs more frequently and have a range of skills that allow them to float between a number of core roles. If you choose to take control of your career path you will find it does not have to be haphazard or managed by others. You can actually empower yourself to choose the directions that you would like to go in. Many of our clients think about career coach when they become dissatisfied about one portion of their career but with a little thought and planning you can avoid this scenario. Here are just some of the reasons why many of our clients come to see us for career coaching:

You have doubts – You started down a certain career path but feel it does not allow you to follow your passion. Perhaps you feel that you have made the wrong choice and would like to explore other avenues.

Environment – Too fast paced, not interesting enough, bullying culture, long hours, not enough hours. Getting the balance right is key to getting job satisfaction. If any of these elements are not right then it can create problems.

Money – Not all career coaching is about getting more money but if you are being under valued then exploring other more lucrative job opportunities could be important to you.

Management – When your managers seem to be working against you rather than with you it can leave you demoralised, angry and fed up. Bad management can also create a significant amount of stress for you to deal with. Too much stress causes anxiety, sleepless nights, drinking and over eating.

Promotion – If you feel stuck and think that there is no opportunity for promotion in your company then it can be time to think about change and alternative work opportunities.

Work/Life Balance – We are increasingly hearing this phrase more and more. Working long hours, answering emails from home and doing work all over the weekend can make a job intolerable. Sometimes career coaching can help you think about creating a balance in your life so you can spend some time enjoying your life instead of working all the time.

You want to Take Control – You are a person who regularly likes to discuss your career options and consider the next steps you would like to take. Although nothing is fundamentally wrong with your current career you feel it is important to plan ahead and make decisions on where you would like to be in the next couple of years.

Career Coaching Services

Our form of career coaching does not involve writing your CV, introducing you to prospective employers or telling you what job that you need to do. Instead we work to help you:

  • Stop Procrastination – Many of our clients may feel unhappy in their current career but have found themselves feeling stuck about where to go next.  We help you to explore the possible options that are open to you so that you can start to make positive changes in a new direction.
  • Build Confidence – Sometimes our clients remain in their comfort zone and stick doing the same thing over and over because they are not confident with change or worry about their abilities. We specialise in confidence coaching and work with you to build your self-esteem and recognise your achievements.
  • Manage Stress – You may be in the right career but find that your work/life balance is impacted by the stress of the job. Getting help to manage your stress and anxiety levels can make all the different and help you enjoy your chosen career and not resent it.
  • Understand your Worth – In many cases you will have a huge range and depths of skills and knowledge that has considerable worth to many employers. Understanding this allows you to leverage your position in your current company or allow you to explore options with other employers who have a demand for your skills.
  • Performance Coaching – If you are in a job role but feel that you are not performing at your best we may be able to help. In many cases the psychological barriers to success can be altered with performance coaching and hypnosis.

Booking Career Coaching Sessions

If you would like to discuss our career coaching or our confidence coaching services please call us today on 01636 650 521 for more information.

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