Confidence Coaching

Confidence CoachAt Confidence Coach UK we work with our clients to help them get over fear, anxiety, shyness, nerves or social anxiety so that they have the freedom to do whatever they want when they want to. We know that many people find that their confidence is holding them back from whether this is in the workplace in their relationships or in their social life. In most cases these problems can be overcome with the help of confidence coaching and therapy to change the way you think. We have worked with everything from social phobias which have existed for years to short term problems such as driving test or exam nerves.

Why Hire a Confidence Coach?

A lack of confidence can have a huge detrimental impact on your finances, your ability to create meaningful relationships and to interact with others.

Lack of confidence at work –  This could be potentially costing you thousands of pounds in lost income. People who are less confident are overlooked for promotion, unwilling to speak up in front of their peers or make important decisions. If you suffer from social anxiety or a fear of public speaking it is likely that your managers are not the people holding you back but yourself by avoiding situations where you have to interact or talk in front of others.

Relationships – If you would love to get into a meaningful relationship but feel shy or embarrassed when talking to others you are stopping yourself from meeting a significant other. Meeting a life partner usually involves having to socialise in order to meet people but if you are unable to do this then you may remain single. Confidence coaching can help you to overcome these barriers so that you can find someone to share your life with.

Social Life – If you lack confidence you may not have the social life that you would really like. Low confidence can stop you from heading to a pub or club and meeting a group of people. Instead you may find yourself staying in or only socialising with a small group of friends that you feel safe with. It may stop you from joining a club to pursue a hobby, relaxing at a party or meeting new people. Getting help can create a massive transformation in your life.

Travel – If you suffer from a fear of flying then you are missing out on visiting places all over the world. Many of our clients lacked the confidence to go on amazing holidays or even to get into a car and drive down a motorway junction to meet a friend. Getting help to feel calmer and more in control can help you to overcome these problems and travel anywhere you want.

Short Term Confidence – You may feel very confident in many areas of your life but sometimes find that would come across something that creates a problem. It may be exam nerves, problems driving or making a big speech in front of others. Our confidence coaching works with you to build on your existing resources so that you start to feel more relaxed and in control about the task ahead.

Confidence Classes for Teenagers

We don’t just work with adults for confidence issues but also children and teenagers providing they are over 7 years old. As our work is relaxing and calming it is entirely suitable for helping them overcome issues which may be holding them back. Each session takes around one hour and usually takes place on a one to one basis. We may consider online sessions providing the child is of a suitable age, usually over 14, and has got parental agreement for the session.

Skype/Facetime Confidence Coaching

The vast majority of our confidence coaching sessions now take place online. This usually means sessions held by Skype or Facetime but if you would prefer we can arrange sessions by email or phone providing you are not looking for hypnotherapy as part of your program.  We  now that this form of communication has huge advantages as it is:

Confidential – You no longer have to travel to a clinic in order to be seen by a therapist.

Flexible – Most coaches and therapists book rooms in clinics which tend to be relatively rigid. Online coaching frees the coach from the constraints of set hours and allows you increased availability for sessions.

Relaxed – When you are in your own environment you tend to be more relaxed. That means that we are able to get to the heart of the issue more quickly in many cases because you feel more open and comfortable.

Convenient – Travel to a clinic can be time consuming and costly especially if you have to pay for parking or train or bus fares to get you to your destination. Online Confidence Coaching enables you to have your sessions without this worry wherever you are in the world.

We do have limited availability for one to one sessions at our clinics in Nottinghamshire or with our associates in London and Hertfordshire. If you would like to discuss this option please let us know.

Booking Your Sessions

For more details about arranging a session with a confidence coach online or at one of our clinics please feel free to give us a call on 01636 650 521.

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