Online Confidence Coaching

Online Confidence CoachingOnly a few years ago most forms of coaching, therapy or counselling would have been conducted on a face to face basis. As technology has improved everything has changed and now more and more people are using their computers, phones and tablets to communicate with their therapists and mentors. We have been at the forefront of online confidence coaching and work with our clients usually by Skype or Facetime however providing hypnosis is not being used we can also conduct sessions in a simple phone call. Working online gives both the coach and the client a huge freedom as we are not restricted by particular clinic times. Providing that both parties have a good broadband connection it is possible to hold sessions where ever you are in the world.

How Does Online Coaching Work?

Firstly pick the relevant program that you would would like assistance with and give us a call on 01636 650 521 to arrange for your sessions. Following your booking you will be sent a confirmation email and a short questionnaire which will need to be filled out before your first online confidence coaching session. You will also be asked on what device you would like the sessions to take place. We prefer Skype or Facetime as they are free services but if you would like just telephone sessions please let us know. If you have arrange for sessions online we will call you at your allotted time and begin the session. Each session usually lasts for one hour unless otherwise specified. For clients who prefer to use the telephone you will arrange a time to call us.

Skype Coaching Works

Online confidence coaching has been a revelation for many people as it gives you the ability to create positive changes without every leaving your own home or office. The days of travelling to a clinic or office at the end of the day and negotiating public transport or parking restrictions are a thing of the past. You can now feel more at ease as you relax in your own environment. Relaxation and feeling comfortable whilst working with a coach or therapist has huge positive benefits as it means that you can be more open and willing to discuss the physical and mental barriers to your success.

Online Therapy and Coaching Basic Rules

We like to make sure that all our clients get the full benefit of online coaching so we ask that our clients follow some simple guidelines when booking this form of work.

Choose and Appropriate Session Time – With our busy lives there can be the temptation to book a session time slot when you are not fully concentrating on our work together. Make sure you book your appointments at a time where other distractions are not around.

Therapy & Coaching Sessions Location – We have in the past had clients who have attempted to conduct sessions from their cars or garden sheds which we do not feel is appropriate. Please arrange a safe place to conduct your appointment. We will refuse to carry out a session when the location is not suitable.

Be Prepared – Before you session make sure that your computer, Ipad or phone is fully charged and all the appropriate updates have been carried out. We always conduct our sessions on time so be ready at the allotted time.

Book Your Skype or Facetime Coaching Sessions Today

If you would like to arrange online confidence coaching sessions or would like to talk to us about our programs simply call us today on 01636 650 521 for more details.

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