I went to see Martina McKeough about my problems, lack of confidence and jealousy and my fear of being late. I was blown away with the results I got so far. My results are getting stronger day by day. I would recommend Martina to anyone who wants results. *


I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me. I now feel no anxiety after the sessions with yourself. You have made me a more confident person and now feel that I can achieve what I want in life. (M.A.)*


I came to see Martina in a total mess about my life and relationships. In just a few sessions while reflecting on my life and things I need to improve I have completely turned around. I’m more confident and happy. I can now face life. *


Hello Martina. Thank you for your insight and professional manner in which you helped me, the way I deal with any anxiety now is with a rational mind and not a perceived view of horror and doom , a skilled and excellent professional in any walk of life makes their job appear almost effortless and to your immense credit that is how you came across , I know you put a lot of work in to get to the level you are and I have gained an insightful and positive outlook from you so once again thank you.


I was reluctant to have hypnotherapy and was not sure as to what it would entail. However after getting in touch with Martina and speaking to her over the phone I felt at ease and clear about how hypnotherapy would help me.

When I met Martina, although the sessions were at her home, she made me feel extremely comfortable and was very welcoming. She explained exactly what each session would contain and how far hypnotherapy can dwell into your subconscious. After my first session, Martina sent me an audio to listen to every night. Listening to the audio on its own was a great way to relieve some of my anxiety and stress but the sessions with Martina are extremely valuable in determining what the underlying cause of your problems may be.

I have suffered from anxiety, lack of focus, lack of confidence and a fear of public speaking for years. I assumed that these would be addressed directly. The great thing about Martina’s method is that she does not directly address the issues but finds out the root causes of them. I would never have assumed that my lack of focus derived from the bullying of my early school days. During my second session, I became extremely emotional and although emotionally I felt really scared, I also felt safe knowing that Martina would bring me out of the hypnosis if things got too tough. In four sessions Martina addressed all of my issues.

She has been extremely supportive before, during and after my sessions. I know that I can get in touch with her at any point with any question I may have.

Thank you so much Martina for all your help, I can’t explain how much it has changed my life. *


Martina thank you for all you have done for me and giving me back my life. I will go forward a much stronger,positive person and start my life as from today!! Thanks is not enough. Yours Gratefully.


Just got back from New York – loved it, was looking forward to getting on the plane at Manchester, all thanks to you. I kept thinking of all the things you said and the whole experience as calm and thoroughly enjoyable. Saw the sites and went up the Empire State Building – I can’t thank you enough, it would have been impossible without your help. Again, thank you so very much for your help.